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The reasons for choosing a Guest House for your holidays

On 23 February 2016
The reasons for choosing a Guest House for your holidays
The advantages of booking in a B&B

There are several reasons for choosing a B&B for your holidays. The first of all is is friendlyness. The welcome we prepared for you, as guest house's owners, is totally personalized.
You will never meet with an employee of a company. You will always be welcomed by the owners themselves ...
The difference is crucial because in the first case the person, certainly well trained, will provide a paid service, however good it could be, but will never be really engaged. This person who's finally "just done its job ".

At B&B Le Moulin des forges, we are motivated by how you feel, right from your arrival till your departure of the guest house. We chose this job because we enjoy receiving and take care of people. Remember that we ourselves have chosen decor of the rooms, the set up of the necessary comfort for your stay. The little things awaiting for you have been thought about. they don't come from a standard catalog. If there are flowers in your room, they’ve been cut fresh from the garden. The Moulin des forge's cellar contains wines that has been selected with our partner "Prestige de France" to offer you wines of exceptional quality, always with the idea to bring you an unforgettable experience. (You will find the fabulous "Coulee de Serrant" at a totally affordable price).
We want you to return. We want you to tell your friends how fantastic your stay at the Moulin des Forges Guest House was. The sustainability of our guest house depends largely on you.

Remember the importance of your opinions on TripAdvisor

The other reasons to choose a guest house are generally peace, discretion, the benefits offered, breakfasts often provided with nice local products, Meals also, in a cozy setting in the heart of Provence as far as the Moulin des Forges is concerned, possible encounters with people of all backgrounds, not at too great numbers, around a barbecue.

Choose your room depending on the bed size, 160/140 / 2x90, depending on its orientation, North (cooler in summer) South "hotter" in winters.
Book you stay during the low peak season (April, Mai and June) (September, October) if you want to enjoy a temperate climate but during the high peak season if you want to enjoy the beaches, the festivals such as the Festival Lyrique d'Aix en Provence and the piano Festival of La Roques d'Antheron.

Booking is very simple. For stays of two to seven days, click on the "Book Now" button.
For stays of more than seven days, call us or make your request through the "Contact us" button on tour website

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